About us

Our Company

PRIDE SERVICES SARL (www.prideagency.net) is a Cameroonian company that has decided to promote the Cameroon label locally and internationally and has deployed the online store « MyNetShop ».

MyNetShop is an original idea of PRIDE SERVICES SARL, which wanted to contribute to the development of Made in Cameroon products. MyNetShop is the solution to problems of distribution and consumption of non Cameroonians products by Cameroonians. The job of this ecommerce is « online selling of products made in Cameroon». This is indeed a virtual market where products made in Cameroon by Cameroonian are sold regardless the sector.

Meaning of Made In Cameroon (MIC) on MyNetShop

For MyNetShop, Made In Cameroon or MIC, means any product or service produced, processed or manufactured in Cameroon by Cameroonians or not, with Cameroon's raw material, in ideal conditions of hygiene and salubrity, respecting an acceptable level of quality and marketed in Cameroon.


  • Visibility : Cameroonian know-how is little or poorly known internationally and even nationally. MyNetShop is therefore a platform for expressing Made in Cameroon, and with our specific strategies, made in Cameroon products will be more visible and better known to the world. Through the blog of our platform, the word is given to producers so that they communicate relevant informations on their course, their products etc .. which in the long run makes it possible to get closer to the target market.
  • Distribution : Cameroonian producers and manufacturers have issues in making their products available to consumers.. Now with MyNetShop, they will no longer have to worry about logistics and will strive to produce quality goods and services.
  • Consumption : MyNetShop through well formulated strategies, encourages consumption of made in Cameroon, pledge of good health of Cameroonian economy.
  • Patriotism : MyNetShop is a Cameroonian pride, it is more than just an e-commerce, it is the expression of our commitment to our culture, our Cameroonian values. This is the best way we have found to serve our country. Of course, it is not a question of encouraging mediocrity but it's all about competition based on cameroonian how-know to guarantee best quality of products for which any cameroonian would be proud to spend his money.


Our vision

Conquer the Cameroonian market by settling as a leader in online sale of Made in Cameroon products.

Our commitment

  • Collaboration : take advantage of collective genius
  • Integrity : be authentic
  • Passion : be fully engaged
  • Quality : do well what we do


We offer a  wide range of products from Cameroonian productions.

We have carefully selected products that meet quality standards from agri-food, fashion, health and well-being.

We also propose a Blog with interesting articles allowing you to better know Cameroonian producers and efforts made to encourage local consumption.

To ensure a quality service:

    • You can call us every day in the week or send an email 24h/24
    • Live chat allows you to discuss every time you visit us on www.mynetshop.biz du Monday to Friday from 08:00am to 06:00pm.In the absence of an online operator you can leave a message for your concern and we will respond shortly;
    • We pay particular attention to the preparation of your parcels (neat packaging…);
    • We place your order at your disposal 03 days after ordering, in Yaoundé, if all products are available and in other cases, as soon as possible.


Our prioritiessatisfaction of each customer and popularization of Cameroonian products
Our slogan : The pride of e-commerce